Cravity’s Transformation Shines in ‘Sun Seeker


In their latest album, “Sun Seeker,” Cravity showcases a stunning transformation that highlights their unique identities as individuals and encourages listeners to pursue their dreams without fear. The album features a mix of dynamic pop rock tracks like the title track “Ready or Not,” which boasts addictive guitar riffs and a playful melody, and softer, more heartfelt tunes like “Love Fire” and “9 o’clock.” Through this album, Cravity proves their growth as artists and their ability to continually raise the bar for themselves. Their evolution from generic boy group fare to this newfound musical direction is truly captivating.

The Transformation of Cravity

Cravity, a K-pop group, has undergone a remarkable transformation since releasing their single “Adrenaline” over a year and a half ago. They have left behind their dark and generic boy group image and embraced a more light and youthful sound. Their latest album, “Sun Seeker,” showcases their growth and evolution as artists.

Cravitys Transformation Shines in Sun Seeker

Sun Seeker Album Overview

The “Sun Seeker” album features a variety of upbeat and refreshing tracks that highlight Cravity’s unique color as a group. Songs like “Adrenaline,” “Party Rock,” and “Groovy” set the tone for the album with their vibrant and energetic sound. These tracks are filled with addictive melodies and catchy hooks that immediately grab the listener’s attention.

One standout track from the album is “Ready or Not,” which serves as the title track. It features a dynamic pop rock sound with explosive choruses and playful melodies. The members’ high tones and enthusiastic performance create a bubbly ambience that is both intense and lighthearted. However, the bridge and rap sections in the song can be considered dull moments as they disrupt the excitement of the track. Overall, “Ready or Not” showcases Cravity’s ability to deliver an exhilarating and memorable song.

Another notable track from the album is “Cheese,” which is the second title track. Though uplifting and enjoyable, “Cheese” falls short compared to the rest of the songs on the album. Its casual and laid-back melodies feel like a missed opportunity and lack the same impact as the other tracks. Despite this, the album as a whole remains solid, with other B-sides that showcase Cravity’s musical prowess.

Strength of B-Sides

The B-sides on the “Sun Seeker” album demonstrate Cravity’s versatility and musical growth. Tracks like “Megaphone” and “Vibration” offer a different tone compared to the upbeat and cheerful title tracks. “Megaphone” continues the intensity established by “Ready or Not,” while “Vibration” showcases Woobin’s songwriting talent. The EDM number blends a variety of digital instruments, creating a sensual and mysterious aura. The instrumental break in the bridge is particularly impressive, providing a clearer listen to the diverse sounds in the backing track.

Other B-sides, such as “9 o’clock” and “Love Fire,” lean towards Cravity’s cuter concepts. “9 o’clock” features funky bass and synths, giving the song a poppy nu-disco mood. The lyrics convey an endearing message of wanting to confess before the night ends, perfectly capturing the anticipation fans feel as they wait for Cravity’s content to be unveiled. “Love Fire” has a retro beat that creates a wistful ambience. The members’ sweet voices singing the gentle melody evoke a sense of nostalgia and longing.

Cravitys Transformation Shines in Sun Seeker

Woobin’s Songwriting Talent

One standout aspect of the “Sun Seeker” album is Woobin’s songwriting talent. He has composed several tracks on the album, including “Vibration.” Despite being only his third song, Woobin showcases impressive writing skills and a willingness to further develop his abilities. His contributions add depth and variety to Cravity’s discography, and fans can look forward to more captivating pieces from him in the future.

Critique of ‘Cheese’

While the “Sun Seeker” album boasts strong tracks, “Cheese” falls short compared to the rest. Its casual and laid-back melodies feel out of place among the other more energetic songs. Although enjoyable, “Cheese” lacks the impact and excitement that the other tracks deliver. Its presence on the album feels like a missed opportunity to showcase Cravity’s strengths.

Cravitys Transformation Shines in Sun Seeker

Softer Melodies in ‘9 o’clock’ and ‘Love Fire’

The last two tracks on the “Sun Seeker” album, “9 o’clock” and “Love Fire,” feature softer melodies that align with Cravity’s cuter concepts. “9 o’clock” has a poppy nu-disco sound with funky bass and synths, while “Love Fire” has a retro beat. Both songs evoke nostalgic and wistful feelings, with lyrics that capture the beauty of fleeting moments and emotions.

Overall Assessment of ‘Sun Seeker’

Despite the slight shortcomings of “Cheese,” the “Sun Seeker” album is a testament to Cravity’s growth and musical evolution. It showcases their continuous efforts to set higher standards for themselves and explore new musical directions. The album features outstanding tracks that highlight the group’s unique color and individual identities. Cravity has found their sound and embraced a more light and refreshing concept, solidifying their place in the K-pop industry.

Cravitys Transformation Shines in Sun Seeker

Cravity’s Musical Evolution

Cravity’s musical evolution is evident throughout the “Sun Seeker” album. They have come a long way since their dark and generic boy group days, now delivering vibrant and catchy tracks that showcase their individual talents. The group’s transformation has been fascinating to witness, and their current musical direction fits them like a glove. Cravity has successfully found their sound and continues to raise the bar for their future releases.


The “Sun Seeker” album marks a significant milestone in Cravity’s career. It showcases their growth and evolution as artists, with standout tracks that highlight their unique color and musical abilities. While the album may not be flawless, its strengths far outweigh any shortcomings. Cravity’s transformation from dark and generic to light and refreshing has been a captivating journey, and “Sun Seeker” solidifies their place as one of K-pop’s rising stars. Fans can look forward to more exciting music from Cravity as they continue to reach for the stars.

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