Key Struggles: Breaking Bad Habits on Good & Great


In his new EP, “Good & Great,” Key explores his struggles with bad habits and the difficulty of breaking free from them. He recognizes the toxic patterns he falls into, especially in relationships, but being aware of the problem isn’t enough to fix it. The songs on the EP delve into the pain and difficulty of leaving a toxic relationship, as well as the pressure to maintain a facade of happiness in the entertainment industry. Key’s introspective and honest lyrics combined with the catchy beats and unique sound make “Good & Great” a phenomenal EP that captures the challenges of personal growth and finding the courage to change.

Key Struggles with the Price of Bad Habits on “Good & Great”

Following the success of his retro horror trilogy, Key has shifted gears for his next project. His second EP, “Good & Great,” takes on a more introspective tone. The album tells two interconnected stories—one personal, one professional—that revolve around Key’s struggles with passivity and breaking unhealthy cycles.

Recognizing the Problem

Identifying our own flaws is often easy, especially when we see the negative effects they have on our lives. Key acknowledges his tendency towards codependent relationships, as shown in songs like “Bad Love” and “Killer.” However, self-awareness alone does not instantly fix the problem. Key shows us that recognizing the problem is only the first step, and breaking bad habits can be incredibly difficult.

The Difficulty of Breaking Bad Habits

Once we recognize our bad habits, the real challenge begins: fixing them. Breaking bad habits is hard because it involves letting go of familiar patterns and stepping into the unknown. Key highlights the pain and struggle involved in his songs, emphasizing that breaking free from unhealthy behaviors can be a painful process.

Leaving Toxic Relationships

People often think that leaving toxic relationships will instantly bring freedom and happiness. However, Key’s songs “Can’t Say Goodbye,” “Intoxicating,” and “Live Without You” show us that leaving can be like an addiction. We may still experience the lows, but without the highs. Key battles the fear of facing the void left by a toxic relationship and the allure of the familiar rush that keeps us chasing unhealthy connections.

The Tracks: Can’t Say Goodbye, Intoxicating, Live Without You

In these songs, Key explores themes of addiction and desperation. The musical styles vary, with “Can’t Say Goodbye” channeling 90s R&B, “Intoxicating” combining R&B with electronica, and “Live Without You” featuring staccato synths over a mid-tempo beat. Each song showcases Key’s emotional struggle and showcases different musical tones.

Breakthrough: Breaking the Pattern

Key reflects on his struggle to break the pattern of staying in unhealthy situations because it’s easier than leaving. He highlights the difficulty and pain involved in making a change, but ultimately finds the strength to break free. This breakthrough represents a turning point in Key’s journey towards personal growth and overcoming bad habits.

The Other Tracks: Good & Great, CoolAs

While “Good & Great” appears to be an uptempo victory lap, Key reveals his burnout and attempts to convince himself otherwise. “CoolAs” focuses on the disconnect and hollowness Key feels despite his apparent success. These songs demonstrate how Key’s struggles with passivity and maintaining unhealthy patterns extend beyond his relationships.

The Climax: Mirror, Mirror

In the song “Mirror, Mirror,” Key engages in reflective introspection. He recognizes his flaws and failures, seeing them reflected back at him. This introspection leads him to desire a fresh start and a change in himself. The song serves as a climax in Key’s journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

Fixing Other People’s Lives vs. Fixing Your Own

It’s often easier to see patterns and problems in others’ lives than it is to address our own. Key explores this dynamic, highlighting the comfort of the known and the resistance to making drastic changes. However, Key shows us that remaining passive comes at a price—a build-up of misery and unhappiness. The album reminds us that choosing to actively pursue change, even when it’s difficult, is essential for personal growth and happiness.

The Impact of ‘Good & Great’

“Good & Great” is a phenomenal EP with clean production and powerful bass lines. The album showcases Key’s growth as an artist and his ability to navigate different musical styles and tones. The lyrics and themes provide encouragement for those who may be on the precipice of making a change in their own lives. Key’s music serves as a reminder that there are people who will support and catch us when we take that leap of faith towards personal growth and breaking free from bad habits.

In conclusion, Key’s EP “Good & Great” delves into his struggles with breaking bad habits and the price of remaining passive. Through introspective lyrics and powerful musical compositions, Key takes listeners on a journey of self-discovery and growth. The album serves as a reminder that recognizing and actively working to change our own flaws is essential for personal happiness and fulfillment.

Check out the Key Struggles: Breaking Bad Habits on Good  Great here.

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